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Want to be an affiliate and add the Easy Cut Pop-up Perennial Moments Kirigami Patterns to your product selection? Easy Cut Pop-up offers up to 37% in affiliate fees!

If you have a craft related web site or blog, you can become an “Affiliate Seller” and start earning money today*. Expand your product line without any upfront cost! It’s easy.

Our Affiliate Code generator allows you to create your unique “Buy” link for available patterns and earn 37% per purchase! As an affiliate seller, you can use any graphic from our web site to create your own pages. This way your customers never leave your web site. When a customer buys a pattern, you’ll receive an email about the purchase so you will be able to track your earnings instantly. Once you’re set up, that’s all you ever have to do. The best part, you’ll receive your earnings every month!

To get started go to: https://www.payloadz.com/affiliates/Default.asp

Step 1

Click the link above and sign-up for a Payloadz affiliate account. It’s free and anyone can join!

Step 2

Select a product you would like to sell from the PayLoadz web site: http://store.payloadz.com/results/results.asp?m=69828

Click on the “More Information” link next to the product.

Step 3

Scroll down to the “Product Detail” section and click on the “Affiliate Fee” link and follow the steps.

Step 4

Create a product page on your web site. You can you use any element from our web site to include text and graphics.

Step 5

Use the Affiliate Code generator to create your unique “Buy” link. Place copy and place your code into the product page you created.

And that’s it! Your ready to start selling Easy Cut Pop-up Kirigami patterns.

* All legal information Applies. All rights reserved.

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