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What is Kirigami?

The Perennial Moments™ collection are desktop-printable Kirigami pop-up cards designed by Kirigami artist Ellis Paguirigan.

Easy Cut Pop-up, the makers of the printable pop-up card pattern, love all paper crafts. With these pop-up card making templates, the art of Jianzhi and Kirigami pop-up cards is available for all paper crafters and scrapbookers. With over so many printable pop-up card making patterns to choose from, you can make a memorable greeting card for any occasion. Designed for beginner paper crafter but enjoyable for even advanced paper craft fanatics. If you are mad about Paper Crafts ,Origami, Jianzhi, Kirigami, Card Making, and Scrapbooking, Easy Cut Pop-up™ patterns are a fantastic addition to your paper craft hobby.

Patterns are downloadable PDFs and require 2-3 sheets of card-stock paper. Finished cards fold flat and fit into a standard A9 envelope.

Each pattern includes easy step-by-step instructions, two cover options, with a personalize the cover message option.

Check out the tips & tricks page with video tips.

We hope you will discover unique papers and techniques to personalize and enhance your cards.

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